Vibrant communities are developed through innovation and partnership. A powerful way to ensure our neighborhoods remain vibrant is through volunteerism. Become a volunteer today!

Giving is Gorges

Celebrate Giving is Gorges, a day of amplifying philanthropy and local giving in Tompkins County, by volunteering in your community!

Between June 10th and June 14th, 2019 INHS’ team of home repair specialists will be providing dozens of free home repairs throughout the Southside neighborhood to support low and moderate income families in maintaining the health and safety of their homes.

On Wednesday, June 12th between 10:00am and 3:00pm, in celebration of #GivingisGorges, we’re asking for YOUR help to provide free yard work to seniors and people with disabilities in the Southside neighborhood.

Sign up below and join us in lending a hand to our neighbors by mowing lawns, pulling weeds, power washing walkways, and more.

Together, with your help, we’re ensuring our neighbors can not only find, but also stay in, high-quality, safe housing that meets their budget and needs.

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