Our Impact

Your donation will help us continue the vital work of revitalizing neighborhoods, encouraging stability and diversity, and helping those in need obtain quality housing on a long-term basis.

Did you know?

Your generosity has provided over 8,000 household repairs to seniors and people with disabilities.

You’ve helped INHS close over $28 million in loans for over 1,200 low and moderate income first time homebuyers.

Your kindness has funded the education and financial counseling of nearly 6,000 families.

You support the housing needs of 1,000 of your neighbors each year.

Your contributions have provided 78 households with nearly $200,000 in rental assistance last year.

Your support makes a difference!

Read testimonials from real people for whom INHS has made a difference. 


Hear from Tariq, a rental assistance client, why he believes “there are good people in this world.”

Bob Tesori

“It’s not just a ramp. Your support matters when it comes to helping people like myself.”

Leslie Benjamin

“I was living in my car, and I needed a place to live, and somebody hooked me up with INHS.”

Mike and Lucy

“Having a home was a vital first step to starting our businesses and really rooting ourselves in Ithaca.”

Adriana and Daniel

“It feels good to have a little home for these kids finally. It’s nice to have a place that they can call home.”

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