Neighborhood Matters Network

Your Home Matters. Your Neighborhood Matters. Your Philanthropy Matters.

INHS is dedicated to helping our neighbors of low and modest incomes find – and stay in – high-quality housing throughout the Finger Lakes and Central New York regions, a goal that benefits the entire community.

Whether you pledge $5/mo, $50/mo, or anything in between, as a member of the Neighborhood Matters Network you’ll offer sustaining and steady support to your neighbors so that they have year round access to home repair and rehab assistance, homebuyer education and lending, and affordable housing opportunities through INHS.

The  Neighborhood Matters Network offers you an opportunity to spread your charitable giving throughout the year and have a consistent impact on the lives of your neighbors most in need.

If you would rather make a one-time gift, you can do so here:

Thank you for empowering your neighbors, investing in your community, and believing in the mission of INHS.

$60/year ($5/mo)

Could cover the cost of smoke & carbon monoxide detectors for one of your neighbors.

$120/year ($10/mo)

Could replace a leaky faucet or toilet for a neighbor in need this year.

$180/year ($15/mo)

Could pay for 5 hours of Home Buyer Education for 15 of your neighbors this year.

$300/year ($25/mo)

Could provide free home radon testing for 12 of your neighbors over the next 12 months.

$600/year ($50/mo)

Could pay for 3 energy-efficient windows to help one of your neighbors save on utility costs year round.

$1200/year ($100/mo)

Could provide the materials and labor to build a brand new wheelchair accessible ramp at the home of one of your neighbors.

Your support makes a difference!

Read testimonials from real people for whom INHS has made a difference. 

Dianne Ferriss

“It was great having people help me. I just can’t say enough good about INHS.”

Kit Wainer

“INHS has really made my life and home more livable.”

Anne P. Bloom

“Before INHS’ services, I felt like my home was slipping into disrepair. Now I feel happy to live in my home again!”

Evergreen Family

“Our family is safer, healthier, and happier because of INHS.”

Scott Perkins

“INHS isn’t just housing. It’s an extended family.”

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