Mission Moment

Peter & Evelyn Alexander

In 2015, we began to look for a way to have our roof repaired as we had black mold growing in there due to a leak. We had the mold sprayed and treated and now it was time to take care of the root cause, the leaking roof.

We applied for different loans and turned also to INHS for possible funding. Christine Carreiro from INHS kept in touch with us well into the completion of the project. In the end, we have a new roof and seamless gutters all funded through INHS.

Sometimes when you need to have something done to your home and you just don’t have the money, it is comforting to know that INHS is there to help families keep their homes safe and maintained.

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Anne P. Bloom

Anne P. Bloom

“Before INHS’ services, I felt like my home was slipping into disrepair. Now I feel happy to live in my home again!”

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