Community Meeting Update for Immaculate Conception

Community Meeting Update for Immaculate Conception

Posted May 1, 2019

INHS is redeveloping the former Immaculate Conception School property into a vibrant mixed-use community, designed to address high-priority local needs. Plans include affordable rental housing serving a range of household sizes and income levels, restoration of the Convent building for Catholic Charities, and space for nonprofit and community-based organizations that serve children and families.

The organization has hosted three community meetings to date to ensure the final design reflects the best use of the property.

Updates (as of April 29) on the project include: the design of the multi-family building is set at a maximum of four stories; there is slated to be a mix of ten new for-sale and rental townhomes built on the parcel; 330 W. Buffalo Street will be converted to a duplex and renovated; and Catholic Charities will also refurbished and a new ramp is to be built. INHS is also working with Beverly J. Martin Elementary School to design a mural-like wall that incorporates visuals to appeal to the children at BJM as they will be the primary viewers of that side of the building on Court Street. 

Traffic Update: INHS engaged SRF Associates to do a traffic and parking analysis that will look at the predicted number of vehicles trips generated by the project. They will then compare it to the number of trips that were generated by school use during school hours, and assesses the on-street parking available within a five minute walk of the site at three different times of the day:  early morning (residential peak – before most people leave for work), midday (non-residential peak), and evening (residential and special events peak).  That analysis will help us understand the potential traffic and parking impacts of the project as proposed.

You can find current renderings based on feedback from the community below.

At the last meeting on April 29, the exterior appearance of the townhomes was discussed, and updated renderings will be unveiled at the final meeting on Monday, May 13 at 4 p.m. in the Common Council Chambers during the city’s Planned Unit Development (PUD) public meeting.


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