Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Michael Cannon


Jeremy Thomas

Vice President

David Sprague


Denise Malone


Nicole Carrier-Titti

Lisa Holmes

Julee Johnson

Rachel Lampert

Lacey Lent

Ellen Morris-Knower

H. Matthys Van Cort

Brendan Wilbur


Johanna Anderson

Executive Director

Andrew Ford

Operations-Program Analyst

(607) 277-4500 x214

Scott Reynolds

Deputy Director

(607) 277-4500 x217

Community Relations

Justina Fetterly

Strategic Communications Manager

(607) 277-4500 x219

Kayla Wingert

Development Manager

(607) 277-4500 x220


Patricia Paolangeli

Finance Director

(607) 277-4500 x210

Corri Haus

Accounting Associate

(607) 277-4500 x205

Amber Inman

Accounting Associate

(607) 277-4500 x215

Mayghen Johnson

Finance Manager

(607) 277-4500 x227

Katie Lopez

Accounting Associate

(607) 277-4500 x235

Vinessa Tavelli

Accounting Manager

(607) 277-4500 x212


Delia Yarrow

Director of Lending

(607) 277-4500 x208

Amber Compton

Receptionist / Admin Assistant

(607) 277-4500 x201

Leslie Debo

Lending Associate

(607) 277-4500 x229

Patrick Mitchell

Loan Officer

(607) 277-4500 x216

Rose Stutzman

Lending Assistant

(607) 277-4500 x233

Real Estate Development

Joseph Bowes

Director of Real Estate Development

(607) 277-4500 x204

Alena Fast

Real Estate Developer

(607) 277-4500 x236

Chau Pham

Project Manager

(607) 277-4500 x240

Lynn Truame

Senior Real Estate Developer

(607) 277-4500 x228

Peggy Tully

Real Estate Development Associate

(607) 277-4500 x238

Construction Services

Loralee Morrow

Director of Construction Services

(607) 277-4500 x223

Mathew Ellis

Home Repair Specialist

(607) 277-4500 x218

Louis Gunn

Project Manager

(607) 277-4500 x224

Kirby Wilhelm

Construction Services Associate

(607) 277-4500 x231

Property Management

Melody Susco

Director of Property Management

(607) 277-4500 x213

Chelsey Campbell

Senior Property Manager

Jessica Gambino

Compliance Manager

Emma Hans

Leasing Assistant

Ithaca City Apartments & 210 Hancock

Mickey McGinley

Property Manager

210 Hancock & Ithaca City Apartments

Jessica Petrella

Property Manager

Pine View Circle

(315) 257-0255

Sue Roenke

Property Manager

Juniper Manor I & II and Newfield Garden Apartments

(607) 387-5922

Valentina Yalanzhi

Property Manager

Breckenridge Place, Cedar Creek, INHS Scattered Site and Stone Quarry Apartments

Brian White

Leasing Assistant

Breckenridge Place, Cedar Creek, INHS Scattered Site and Stone Quarry Apartments

Maintenance & Facilities

Ted Woodard

Maintenance Supervisor

Stan Beames

Senior Maintenance Coordinator

Juniper Manor I

Skip Carr

Maintenance Coordinator

Juniper Manor II

Bob Hendrickson

Maintenance Coordinator

Breckinridge Place, INHS Scattered Site and Stone Quarry Apartments

John Houck

Maintenance Coordinator

Pine View Circle

(315) 257-0255

Jack LoPinto

Maintenance Coordinator

Newfield Garden Apartments

Sam Marranca

Maintenance Coordinator

Ithaca City Apartments

Tyler Rapone

Maintenance Coordinator

210 Hancock & Cascadilla Green

David Wright

Maintenance Coordinator

Cedar Creek

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