Our Impact

Your donation will help us continue the vital work of revitalizing neighborhoods, encouraging stability and diversity, and helping those in need obtain quality housing on a long-term basis.

Did you know?

Your generosity has provided over 8,000 household repairs to seniors and people with disabilities.

You’ve helped INHS close over $26 million in loans for over 1,150 low and moderate income first time homebuyers.

Your kindness has funded the education and financial counseling of nearly 5,800 families.

You support the housing needs of 1,000 of your neighbors each year.

Your gifts have built over 925 affordable housing units to support your community.

Your support makes a difference!

Read testimonials from real people for whom INHS has made a difference. 

Karlee Lillywhite

“I felt like we had people on our side.”

Kit Wainer

“INHS has really made my life and home more livable.”

Anne P. Bloom

“Before INHS’ services, I felt like my home was slipping into disrepair. Now I feel happy to live in my home again!”

Evergreen Family

“Our family is safer, healthier, and happier because of INHS.”

Scott Perkins

“INHS isn’t just housing. It’s an extended family.”

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