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INHS Introduces Post-Purchase Classes to its Education Offerings

INHS is constantly looking for ways to expand its homeownership experience. In 2019, it introduced four new post-purchase classes that focused on helping those who recently purchased a home learn how to protect their investment, keep up with seasonal maintenance tasks, and explore how to hire the right contractors.

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National Estate Planning Awareness Week

INHS invites its donors, supporters, and clients to download our free Guide to Preparing Your Will from our website to get started with estate planning and to learn more about leaving charitable gifts through your estate plans to organizations and causes you believe. Download the guide at

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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Mission Moments

Bob Tesori

“It’s not just a ramp. Your support matters when it comes to helping people like myself.”

Leslie Benjamin

“I was living in my car, and I needed a place to live, and somebody hooked me up with INHS.”

Mike and Lucy

“Having a home was a vital first step to starting our businesses and really rooting ourselves in Ithaca.”

Adriana and Daniel

“It feels good to have a little home for these kids finally. It’s nice to have a place that they can call home.”

Dianne Ferriss

“It was great having people help me. I just can’t say enough good about INHS.”

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