Affordable Housing Matters.

INHS has become a national leader in the affordable housing field by developing creative solutions to complex problems.

From its earliest years, INHS has understood the difference between putting a Band-Aid on a problem and making long term investments that address community problems. The investments that INHS has made in producing high quality housing, well-educated consumers, and a strong organization have created lasting measurable results.

Through engaging the community and developing a diverse range of developments, INHS has created a unique portfolio that has enhanced and revitalized each neighborhood we’ve work with. So far, INHS has created over 1,343 units of housing for over $188 million, adding value and much-needed housing to the community.

After 42 years we are only getting started.

Explore our projects

West End Heights

Status: In Progress
Address: West Court & North Meadow Streets, Ithaca, NY
Total Budget: $21,250,000

Glen Lake Apartments

Status: In Progress
Address: 2nd & Porter Streets, Watkins Glen, NY
Total Budget: $11,100,000

Founders' Way

Status: In Progress
Address: 320 W Buffalo Street, Ithaca, NY
Total Budget: $27,700,000

210 Hancock

Status: Completed 2017
Address: 210 Hancock St., Ithaca, NY
Total Budget: $25,000,000

Stone Quarry Apartments

Status: Completed August 2015
Address: 400 Spencer Rd, Ithaca, NY
Total Budget: $10,000,000

Holly Creek

Status: Completed 2013
Address: Holly Creek Lane, Ithaca, NY

Henry St. John Building

Status: Completed 1983
Address: 301 S Geneva St, Ithaca, NY

Cedar Creek

Status: Completed 2010
Address: 300 Floral Ave, Ithaca, NY
Total Budget: $7,400,000

Cayuga Flats

Status: In Progress
Address: Southside, West Hill, and Northside Neighborhoods, Ithaca, NY
Total Budget: $9,200,000

402 South Cayuga Street

Status: In Progress
Address: 402 S Cayuga Street, Ithaca, NY
Total Budget: $850,000

Village Grove: A Crescent Way Subdivision

Status: In Progress
Address: 46 South Street, Trumansburg, NY
Total Budget: $25,000,000

Ithaca City Apartments

Status: Renovation Completed December 2018
Address: Southside, West Hill, and Northside Neighborhoods, Ithaca, NY
Total Budget: $20,900,000

Pine View Circle

Status: Completed 2018
Address: 300 Pine View Circle, Seneca Falls, NY
Total Budget: $15,000,000

Breckenridge Place

Status: Completed December 2014
Address: 100 W Seneca St, Ithaca, NY
Total Budget: $15,000,000

313-319 Corn Street

Status: Completed 2010
Address: 313-319 Corn Street
Total Budget: $879,000

Our Development Team

About Joseph Bowes

Joe Bowes is a multi-disciplinary real estate developer who has been working with nonprofits since 1998. As a strategic planner and an affordable housing developer, he has project managed the development of over 850 units of affordable housing with a total development cost of more than $100 million.

Joseph Bowes

Director of Real Estate Development

About Lynn Truame

Lynn Truame has specialized in the fields of historic preservation and affordable housing for over 30 years. Her projects have ranged from historic preservation and adaptive re-use to new construction for non-profits, for-profits and government sectors. She has developed over 500 units of affordable housing in both rural and urban settings.

Lynn Truame

Senior Real Estate Developer

About Alena Fast

Alena Fast has fifteen years of diverse professional experience, resulting in a versatile skill set that includes affordable housing development, city and regional planning, public outreach and stakeholder engagement, interdisciplinary project management, public policy advocacy, client and donor relationship stewardship, administrative management, and event planning.

Alena Fast

Real Estate Developer

About Leslie Ackerman

Leslie Ackerman has dedicated over two decades of her career in the realm of sustainable economic and community development. Her focus has been in small business and microenterprise development, providing her with management and financial skills essential to success in her role within the Community Housing Trust.

Leslie Ackerman

Community Housing Trust Manager

About Chau Pham

Chau Pham was selected as INHS’ 2019-2020 Rose Architectural Fellow, a two-year national fellowship through the Enterprise National Design Initiatives. A graduate of University of Maryland’s School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation, Chau comes to INHS from Washington, DC where she was a project architect. Chau worked on schematic design, design development, and construction administration helping the firm to bring several mixed-use developments to fruition.

Chau Pham

Project Manager

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